Diana a/k/a Maud Pie

Diana is the badass master of ceremonies for our podcasts, using her stage manager skills to make sure things don't go off the rails. Unless, of course, that's exactly what she wants to happen. She loves knitting, watching TV, reading (and listening) to new books, watching TV, looking far too critically at design choices in movies, and watching more TV. She is also the keeper of the Randoponies and the Macintosh & Maud's resident TV Genius. 

And, of course, she loves Maud Pie.

Email: podcastmaud@gmail.com


David a/k/a Big Macintosh

David is on the ones and twos, making all of these podcasts sound so silky smooth. At least, that's what he likes to think. He's a big movie and music dork, but has some serious gaps in his pop culture knowledge. You can usually find him making bad dad jokes on one of our podcasts, listening to some weird band that time forgot, or editing. Always, always editing.

And, of course, he loves Big Macintosh.

Email: podcastmacintosh@gmail.com