S1E15: "Feeling Pinkie Keen"

Mac & Maud aren't the biggest believers in superstition, but we're smart enough to know to get out of the way when Pinkie Pie's tail starts twitching. Twilight Sparkle seems to ignore that advice at her own peril. I mean, how often do you have to get flattened by a door before you think, "maybe I ought to just believe my friend Pinkie?"

The answer appears to be at least twice, along with a variety of other injuries.

Also, when Twilight gets angry, she turns into a white, flaming nega-Twi that appears to be able to destroy universes. So, maybe tread lightly, everypony...

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Music is "Madgapuff March (rmx) by JS Bach" by Lee Rosevere. Licensed under a CCO 1.0 Universal License. For the song and information about the artist, visit the song page at the Free Music Archive.


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