S1E21: "Over a Barrel"


OK. OK. We tried real hard to remember that this is a children's show. That this is a cartoon for kids to watch in the afternoon and laugh and be inspired by. We tried to just enjoy the ridiculous bits: Applejack treating an apple tree like a baby; the hilarious difference between "wild" west dances and "mild" west dances; the agreement between buffalo and pony settlers that Pinkie's unity song might be the worst thing they've ever seen.

BUT. We've already had one episode that dealt with some touchy cultural stereotypes, but this one is almost worse. Because it suggests that somehow indigenous buffalo are somehow in the wrong for not wanting pony settlers to take over their entire stampeding grounds. Which just sends the wrong message. 

So, if Princess Celestia is listening - maybe our lesson this episode is: let's skip this episode the next time around...

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