S1E24: "Owl's Well That Ends Well"

Spike is amazing with a devilish mustache. He's also extremely jealous of Twilight's new owl friend. Yeah, there's only so much a baby dragon can do without his beauty sleep, but you gotta give a guy a little heads up before bringing in a potential replacement. Though that might not be a good reason to fight a chicken for its feather. Or to steal Opal's cat toy to try and make Aloysius look bad. OR to go full hobo and eat himself into a stupor with gems. Spike, accept the help - it's hard being a personal assistant to the most popular pony in Ponyville.

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Music is "Madgapuff March (rmx) by JS Bach" by Lee Rosevere. Licensed under a CCO 1.0 Universal License. For the song and information about the artist, visit the song page at the Free Music Archive.