S2E20: “It’s About Time”

 The closest My Little Pony will ever come to re-creating The Terminator. 

Time-travel fans, rejoice. If ever My Little Pony were to cross with Quantum Leap and The Terminator, this is it. Though Ponyville's idea of time travel is far more about identifying Twilight Sparkle's obsession with understanding what's going on around her. There's a lot of wackiness, but also a sinister anxiety that Twilight has to come to grips with in order not to go insane. And also, if your future self comes to warn you about something, maybe don't ask so many questions.

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Intro music is "Madgapuff March (rmx) by JS Bach" by Lee Rosevere. Licensed under a CCO 1.0 Universal License. For the song and information about the artist, visit the song page at the Free Music Archive.