S3E1: "The Crystal Empire, Part 1"

Twilight’s on a mission. A mission from...Princess Celestia.

There is no assignment more honored and beloved by Twilight than the homework Princess Celestia gives. And when Celestia says it’s going to be a test - well we all know how Twily is about those. But this isn’t any ordinary test, and the Mane Six are about to discover one of the most isolated, spectacular places in all of Equestria - The Crystal Empire. The question is, are they ready to pony up and save it?

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Intro music is "Madgapuff March (rmx) by JS Bach" by Lee Rosevere. Licensed under a CCO 1.0 Universal License. For the song and information about the artist, visit the song page at the Free Music Archive.

Excerpts from "Twilight's Failure Song" and "Ballad of the Crystal Ponies" taken from YouTube. ℗ 2016 Hasbro Studios, LLC. Both songs can be found on Songs of Ponyville, which you can buy on Amazon or iTunes.