S2E1: "Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying"

Riverdale is back, which means Macintosh & Maud have officially re-entered the Doghouse!

YOU GUYS. We were already excited about this episode, and then they just went for it. We get a whole lot of Archie this episode, and we get real choked up by KJ Apa perfectly channeling Archie's shock, fear and sadness as Fred fights off death in his dreamworld. 

While Archie's dealing with that, though, we're also excited about Jughead and Betty's adorable motorcycle capers; the return of PEAK ALICE COOPER; Cheryl Blossom going completely off the deep end; and a twist ending that finally put to death one of the absolute worst things about this show.

It's good to be back.

AFTER A BREAK, we discuss predictions, "next time on," and possible spoilers. So if you're trying not to know...maybe skip that part. We'll let you know.

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