S2E9 / "Chapter 22: Silent Night, Deadly Night"

A cursory watch of this episode will make one feel as though the writers had done a pretty good job of setting us up for the 13 episodes coming in January. Upon further examination, however, this actually looks to be a real clunker. Why haven't we learned more about Penny Peabody and FP Jones, and what "debt" she is holding over the Jones family? Why did you decide to tell Veronica the family's secret business plans without ever trying to reveal them to us? And why, oh why, do you keep trying to shoehorn social commentary into my dumb teen TV show?

These are all questions we ought to ask ourselves. On the other hand, creepy murderess Nana Rose is kind of incredible in her absolute cruelty. And Dark Jughead taking over Serpent business is genuinely frightening.

Still, c'mon Riverdale. We know you're better than this.

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