S1E9: "Chapter 9: La Grande Illusion"

Maple syrup is a big flipping deal in Riverdale. Especially if you're part of the Blossom family. It's such a big deal that an entire red-headed cult is at the Blossom family orchards to discuss the future of the family business. And they might just be recruiting another red-headed upstanding citizen of Riverdale. It's a shame he's too dumb to realize going with them is a BAD idea.

In the meantime, Ethel-Barb is back and needs some SERIOUS counseling; Veronica offends Mac's legal sensibilities; Cheryl calls Fred Andrews a DILF (we're not even joking); and the show has a hard time deciding whether it wants to be a teen drama or Twin Peaks.

Oh, and Mac and Maud get REAL loopy this episode. Buckle up, everybody!

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