Chapter 23: The Blackboard Jungle

You guys, we just got back to the Doghouse. Did you have to make such a mess fighting in here?

After one long month, Riverdale has returned and HOO BOY is this one a rollercoaster. Archie’s working for the *finger quotes* “FBI”, Betty meets her long-lost brother and the Serpents are moving to Riverdale. And that would usually be enough, but when you throw in some really cheesy writing, inconsistency and very bad graffiti, we’ve got ourselves a real humdinger. Get your snacks and grab a couch for the newest Doghouse!

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Music taken from "Make Up" from the compilation album Kamelot by Distortions. Licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license. To hear the song or get more information about the artist, visit the song page at Jamendo.