Network / Episode 13

Macintosh thought Maud was going to be mad as hell at him for thinking Network was one of the greatest movies of all time. It was poised to sweep the Oscars in 1977, but lost out on best picture and best direction to Rocky. If you ask us, though, this movie only gets saved by the writing and some still-amazing performances, like Peter Finch's wild-eyed madman prophet Howard Beale, or William Holden's seething, subtle performance as newsman Max Schumacher. Network was, at one point, one of the more eerily prescient movies of its time. Today, it's lost that power, but what remains is still one hell of a movie. So get out of your chairs, open your windows, and then relax and check out our review.

After the break, we talk about the entertaining popcorn thriller remake of Murder on the Orient Express (2017). There's a cavalcade of starts and outstanding actors, but it might just be a certain piece of facial hair that will win this movie immense acclaim. Then again, Kenneth Branagh is outright amazing in the film, even if everyone else just happens to be along for the ride.

NEXT EPISODE: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles (1987).

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