Coming to America & GOLDEN GLOBES NOMINATIONS / Episode 18

We've got a mega-triple-packed episode with LOTS of stuff to talk about this week, so no wasting time!

First, Mac & Maud talk about Coming To America (1988), Eddie Murphy's first foray into portraying multiple characters. And while Mac and Maud get some good gut laughs, we can't help but think that only about 1/3 of this movie is actually...y'know...good. That being said, Rick Baker is a genius of the highest caliber, so if you're into special effects makeup you might need to see this movie. Or if you really really like Eddie Murphy.

After that, we're all in on a spoiler-free review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We know it's opening weekend, so we're determined to give nothing away. Suffice to say though, that this may be the best Star Wars film ever made, and definitely the most raw and emotionally open. Which also means it has some of the most hilarious jokes the franchise has been able to offer. It's Star Wars, so I mean, it's not like you're not going to see it, but still - we give it our hearty recommendation.

FINALLY, Mac & Maud share their thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations from this past Monday. The Golden Globes aren't the ultimate decider of who the Academy Awards will feature, but they're definitely the kickoff to awards season, so we take some stock of who's in the mix and who's getting nominated purely for seat filler. Consider it your pre-pre-pre-Oscars cast...or something like that...


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