The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

War is madness, like the madness of a British colonel aiding the enemy. Or blowing up a bridge. That kind of stuff. 

BIG episode today! We start by reviewing the 1957 classic war drama  The Bridge on the River Kwai . We adore Alec Guinness and enjoy William Holden, but we think we should tighten things up. A lot. Still, we have no argument against the movie being that year’s Best Picture - mostly because we haven't seen any of the others...

After that, it's a big helping of new movies and award news. We review about The Post, an Oscar-bait film that nevertheless makes for a pretty good watch; Diana reviews Coco with a special appearance from our kids-movie correspondent, Lucy; and we make the rounds on the big movie winners at the Golden Globes last weekend. We're chock-block full of movies this week, so enjoy!

NEXT WEEK: The Apartment (1960). 

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