The French Connection (1971)

We might have had nicer things to say about this movie. But then we saw the Oscar nominees for 1971...

Before reviewing this movie, we recognized that William Friedkin's The French Connection was a groundbreaking and unique film. It undoubtedly has one of the greatest car chases ever committed to celluloid. But maaaan is this movie a hot mess. We argue about whether the problem with the movie is the screenplay or the director, and get a little huffy about sloppy style.

But mostly, we marvel at the sheer number of awards this movie won while STANLEY FREAKING KUBRICK had released A Clockwork Orange the same year. Oh, and Peter Bogdanovich gave us his masterpiece, The Last Picture Show. AND a little musical called Fiddler on the Roof came out. HOW DID THIS MOVIE WIN ALL THESE OSCARS?!?

Then we talk about Black Panther, the most anticipated superhero movie...well of all time. It didn't disappoint, with a stellar cast, some killer costumes and badass fight scenes and villians. Oh, and some interesting socio-political conflict just for fun. It's great - go see it.

NEXT WEEK: Titanic (1997).

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