Episode 8: Scream

There's one rule on You Haven't Seen What?!: no matter how bored you are, or how much you think the movie stinks, you can't tune out. You have to engage with the movie on its terms, and you can't just ignore the rest of the movie. This episode...Macintosh broke that rule...

I mean, let's get real: Scream (1996) isn't the greatest movie ever made. But just because there's some half-assed acting and mixed bag of storytelling doesn't mean it should bore you into submission. I mean, there's some gruesome death scenes, some legit psychopaths and some truly creepiness over the telephone. Macintosh gives his rating the best he can...but he'll have to watch the movie again. And Scream 2. And Scream 3 and 4. That's his new nightmare. Get it?


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