Episode 7: Goodfellas

As far back as Mac & Maud can remember, we always loved a good gangster movie. Since Maud hadn't seen Martin Scorsese's epic, Goodfellas. So we sat down and took in Henry Hill's wild story of wiseguys, working for the mob and the effect of massive amounts of cocaine. While Goodfellas has moments of pure magic, it moves at a breakneck pace. Despite being divided on the storytelling (and Ray Liotta) we're both in agreement that Goodfellas is a damn good movie.

After the break, we talk about seeing Blade Runner 2049. We talk about a stunning movie with its own unique vision and stands alone as a fantastic movie, let alone a sequel. We're still not sold that Ryan Gosling can act, or that Jared Leto is worth the hype, but this movie is well worth your time.


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