Moonraker (1979)

Moonraker (1979)

Bond. In. SPACE!!!

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CW: Violence including violence against women, casual sexism, sexual harassment, murder, mild mention of genocide.

This used to be one of David’s favorite Bond movies. We emphasize the used to, because after the real promise of The Spy Who Loved Me, this movie…is a total dud. It’s almost a remake of its much better predecessor, and after watching about half the film you start to realize you’ve already seen this before. No one in the movie is giving a particularly interesting or compelling performance, even Roger Moore. The only saving grace is the visual effects, which do a pretty decent job of portraying space travel. It’s a mediocre homage to 2001 and a lazy rewrite of The Spy Who Loved Me this week as Macintosh & Maud review 1979’s Moonraker!

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