For Your Eyes Only (1981)

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Y’all should’ve just gone ahead and cast your new James Bond…

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CW: Violence including violence against women, casual sexism, sexual harassment, murder, public outing of transgender people

Full disclosure - this movie was so boring at spots that at least one of us was falling asleep in the climactic scene. I mean, there’s good action and a darker, tougher James Bond, but there’s something so inescapably mediocre about this very boilerplate 80’s action film. Maybe it’s the fact that there’s so many similar plot points to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service that this movie would’ve gotten sent to the principal’s office for cheating in high school. Or maybe it’s the fact that this was supposed to be Roger Moore’s final Bond film and so many younger Bonds could have taken this movie and run with it. This one’s a mess, and not in the fun way. Listen as we break down 1981’s For Your Eyes Only!

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